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My Story

My parents came to this country from Greece and worked hard. Raising 5 kids offered few options. But no matter how hard the work, food always brought us together.

Food made our time together fun.

Ever since I  was a kid, I was always curious about food. Whether it was watching my father at his restaurant or helping my mother prepare, food was fun.

Working with food allowed me to learn the joy of creating.

Memories of kneading dough with my mother to create Greek cookies (melomokarona) or stuffing peppers for Yemista with my grandmother, brings emotions of fun. They were times when all the cares of the world melted away and we were happy together as a family.

Growing up in an immigrant family meant hard work. It wasn't easy. Lots of kids to feed meant hard work for everyone. We all needed to contribute. But food allowed us to see past our differences Not just because we needed to eat. But because it was the force that always brought us together.

Even though my father would leave the house before dawn to open the restaurant, he would always come home to sit at the table with all us kids and eat dinner together. It was the unwritten rule. No matter how busy life became, everyone came together for dinner.

That same unifying force around food remains with me to this day. It's how I function. Food is a unifying force that is the unwritten rule for how we live.

Food is our life. It's how I have fun and feel the cares of the world melt away. It's where I create.

My passion to help you experience the same joy. It's not scary. It's really easy. And FUN!

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