Food is FUN

On a snowy day here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, one can almost feel the cocooning effect take place.

It’s my day off and the temptation to become a couch potatoe gives way to the creative juices that begin to flow. My mind wanders from the snowy landscape developing outside my window and begins to think about the possibilities for tonight’s dinner.

Such is the burden of a foodie 🙂

I know that venturing out into the cold and snow is ripe with opportunities once I’m at the store.

There- decision made. It’s off to COSTCO to grab a few stock up household essentials. But then I will stop at my local farmer’s shop. Those Mennonite farmers sure know how to tempt a girl with those luscious organic veggies and locally sourced beef, chickens and lambs.

That’s right- this daughter of Greek immigrants ain’t no vegetarian. Meat is essential and is a major part of my family’s diet.

Don’t believe the media that’s trying to make you feel guilty about the succulent pleasure of a roasted lamb or even the simple drippings of a well executed beef burger.

But more on that next time.

For now, it’s off into the wild northern snow. My kitchen awaits my return…